October 26, 2018

Compelling Evidence for Pre-Clovis at the Debra Friedkin Site in Texas

Archaeologists have uncovered 11 spear points at the Debra Friedkin site near Austin. They date to 13,500-15.500 years ago. They were found buried beneath Clovis tools dating to 11,500 years ago. People lived at this fresh water site for 10,000 years. The points are in the style of “western stemmed points.” Researchers used a scientific technique called optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) to determine the dates. This technique is not as accurate as radio carbon dating, but these tools were in water and could not be dated that way. But the very precise vertical placement of the older tools lying below the Clovis tools gives these dates credence. Western stemmed points have been found along the Pacific Coast, thus furthering the thesis that the First Americans arrived by way of canoes along the coast.

(My note; This is the most compelling evidence for Pre-Clovis from either the Texas Gault site or the Debra Friedkin site so far.)

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